Skills & Capabilities

I am a people focused leader who loves building high performing teams. I don't ask anything of my people that I don't already give.

I have extensive Design, Engineering, Product & Project Management experience. I create new products and manage them through to market.

As a leader, I make hundreds of decisions every week that effect a great many people professionally and financially.

As an engineer, I create products, solve problems and manage projects, internally and for clients.

As an operations manager, I send people to remote locations to do difficult work in tight timeframes and under heavy commercial pressure.

I often get called when things are bad, everything is burning down (sometimes literally) and people need a leader who can plan and execute.

Current Work


Alinta Energy Geothermal

I'm the National Engineering & Operations Manager for a Geothermal HVAC business, wholly owned by Alinta Energy. We are a vertically integrated OEM, Product Developer and Contractor. Our specialty is the development, design, installation, and servicing of a super energy efficient, proprietary geothermal HVAC system. We also integrate renewable energy, storage and demand management technology.

Alinta Energy Geothermal


Sustainable Property.jpg

Karbine Services

I'm also the Co-Founder, Managing Director and CEO of Karbine Services, an Australian based consulting engineering company that develops revenue generating assets and infrastructure for mining and property owners. Our specialty is management of projects and developments on behalf of the asset owners to create Resilient, Sustainable and Profitable investments.


Last 10 Years Employers & Roles

Alinta Energy - National Engineering & Operations Manager Geothermal OEM, Contractor, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Developer

Karbine Group - CEO & Managing Director                           Gold mines, Property, Drone Survey, 3D design, Investment, Project Management

BHP Billiton - Engineering Manager                                      Managed creation of $1bil upgrade project for Coal mine

AMEC Foster Wheeler - Design Manager                              Mining Projects, Infrastructure, Energy

Roberts & Schaefer (KBR) - Design Manager                         Coal and Nickel Projects        

SMS Management & Consulting - Risk Manager                    Technology and Compliance Consulting



Bachelor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Queensland (UQ)

Graduate & Member, Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)

Commercial & Technical Strategy, Operations and Tactics across multiple industries and environments

Extensive Remote Operations and Developing Country / Emerging Markets Experience