Adapt. Augment. Automate. Artificial

2017. The big wide world. While 21st Century tech companies try manager-less open plan sharing spaces, Fortune 100 20th Century monsters struggle with connecting tens of thousands of factory workers with the CEOs blog. In this blog, we will assess the radical impact of tech and rapid change and discuss how human and artificial resources can collaborate to succeed.

The title of this blog is Adapt, Augment, Automate, Artificial. It’s what you, the leader of today, should be doing right now and most certainly will be doing tomorrow. It’s also what you, the worker of today, will be doing to some extent today (sometimes without knowing or defining it as such) and will be living with at work and home tomorrow.

The great and defining characteristic of this age is, of course, intelligence. For the first time in recorded history, humans are sharing the planet with a non-human intelligence. For aeons, we looked to the stars to supply that first contact, but here it is, amongst us, created by us, interacting with us. It is becoming they. They are racing up the intelligence curve quickly. They are adapting and being adapted to our world. They are augmenting our lives. They are automating work which we used to do. They are artificial and intelligent.  

Soon they will pervade every part of our lives. Soon we will share our bodies and minds. We are taking the first steps to elevating non-human intelligence to working partner, friend, ally, enemy, boss, worker, life partner and beyond.

This blog is written for you, the humans, to help you Adapt, Augment, Automate and perhaps even become more… Artificially Intelligent.