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I'm a professional executive with technical and commercial experience across the Mining, Engineering, Energy, Construction, Real Estate and Consulting industries. I'm a 3 time Founder and CEO, an engineer, design manager and ex-soldier, and a husband and father (they should have gone first...).

This website is my personal place to espouse on all things Leadership, Strategy, Tech and Management related that I am passionate about. I often work in mature, conservative industries and companies that struggle with tech and information. Most companies I have ever worked with struggle with leadership. The intersection of legacy people management practices and information based decision making is terrifying for many. But it truly is the dawn of a new age. Humans and machines will share information, intelligence and sapience forever beyond this point. Historians will one day recognize the 21st century as the biggest turning point in human history. Our eyes have been turned towards the heavens for non-human intelligence since the dawn of consciousness - who would have thought the first non-human intelligence would be created by us?

It's a magnificent time to be alive and curious.